Meet Your Stylist

April Nicoll has always had a passion for fashion and a love of helping women to look their best and feel like a million dollars….without having to spend it!

In 2012 April combined her experience in teaching with her love of fashion and created April Nicoll Styling, with her aim set on empowering women to “look fabulous and feel their best, no matter their size, shape or age”.  With her self-created Personal Styling Success System, she has ensured that every one of the hundreds of women she has styled has confidently achieved this.

With her vision for helping as many women as possible develop their own sense of personal style in a positive environment, April individually creates and presents Style Workshops and Events aimed at helping women to discover the secrets to style success. Each year April empowers thousands of women all over Australia to dress for their shape and individual style, shop with confidence and take back control of their wardrobe with useful tools and easy to follow strategies.

April has presented large scale workshops to national businesses, retail companies and private organisations, with each presentation tailored to the needs of the client. Her passion for teaching women how to dress for their shape during these presentations, using Illusion Dressing techniques, saw her invited to co-author the published book called ‘You Can Be Your Own Stylist‘.

April has over 6 years of experience in the style education industry and has personally styled over 500 women, presented over 300 workshop events all over Australia and passionately changed the way thousands of women see and dress for themselves every day.

An Authored Stylist

In 2014 April had the opportunity to author a chapter in the ultimate personal styling makeover manual ‘You Can Be Your Own Stylist’ which was co-authored by 10 leading stylists. Utilising her knowledge and advanced skills in illusion dressing April wrote her very own chapter titled ‘Mastering the Art of Illusion Dressing’ for this book.

Being sure to include lots of hands on practical advice, April incorporated plenty of words of wisdom as well as over 10 insightful charts and 20 visual examples aimed at giving women the tools to select the right garments, cuts, lengths and styles of clothing to suit each type of body shape.

This chapter is available for download as an EBook for only $4.99. To discover more about what is included in this ebook click here.