A Stylish Experience

Hear what styled clients, companies and retailers are saying about their experience with April

Jeanette St Clair, Nutrimetics Executive Sales Manager

“Well April, you blew us away once again with your Styling expertise. Such great feedback from all the girls! They loved you, especially how you included everyone and they are already putting your tips to good use in their wardrobe and telling everyone about you!

Your presentation was so enjoyable with so many great tips the Nutrimetics consultants and guests can put into action straight away. The feedback over the last week has been all compliments! Thrilled to learn that our bodies aren’t apples and pears and that a small tweak in what we’re wearing can give us so much more confidence. We look forward to booking you in again next year. Thank you!”

Julia Taine, Founder of Marketing Company Vent2Me

“I’ve never felt so good about myself until working with April. I feel like she has unleashed something in me that I never knew existed. Although I’ve always been an extrovert, I’ve never felt this amazing, special, confident, sexy, stylish and at the same time! My expectations were totally exceeded and I would recommend April to anyone.”

Kathy Collier, Whitehorse Business Group

“After listening to April’s inspiring session once, it was clear to me that I had to share this insight into “getting the best version of ourselves” with my Business Manager’s Administration Group.

I invited April to speak to my colleagues at a Professional Learning Day where she gave us the tools to develop a clearer understanding of our own style and how to achieve this style and image confidence.

Thank you April, you sent us all off with exciting homework for over the school holidays.”

Gracie Karabinis, Personal Client

“Hi April, I have the entire family asleep and I’m laying back reflecting on such a fabulous and memorable day I’ve had.  I have learnt so much and I love my new wardrobe! I could have shopped with you for days.  You are amazing at what you do and such an inspiration to me.  Thank you for letting me live an experience that I will never forget.  Thank you!!”

Agnes Wilson, Personal Client

“I just want to thank you April on a personal level. I found it brilliant how you re-arranged my wardrobe, it works so much better now. I also found your non-judgmental approach to be terrific.

Your time with me and accepting manner helped me feel confident about my wardrobe again post-baby and also more focused when going shopping. I’ve bought quite a few coloured sandals which are complimenting the wardrobe nicely.”

Janine Best, InsideOut Clothing Store Owner

“I wanted to send you a heart felt thank you for your workshop yesterday in our store.  

When you asked me what I hoped to achieve from the workshop it was always about building loyalty and I am certain I have done that with my customers who had such a great time. I received several thank yous via my facebook page within hours of the event to say thank you with one customer even saying how she enjoyed everything and left ‘feeling good about herself’. How wonderful! 

You spoke so confidently and in a language that everyone could relate to, especially given the diverse range of people attending. You made people feel at ease in your company, rather than intimidated, I think everyone there trusted you. 

Thank you for igniting some renewed passion into shopping in both my customers, myself and my staff, I think we have all looked at our merchandise in a new way as a result from yesterdays workshop at a time when we really need it the most.”

Deb Arnett, Owner of Style 105 Warrnambool

“I just wanted to say another BIG thank you for making our “Styling” day such a success. The feed back so far has been very positive with another busy day in the store today!  I think your styling workshops are such an innovative and invaluable experience to be able to offer to our clients and staff. I have already noticed the staff using your techniques!”

Kate Cook, Client

“Thank you for spending so much time with me at your styling workshop. You’ve really given me my confidence back. I love everything I purchased and am going to wear it all the time! You’ve helped me realise that looking ‘put together’ doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and really makes you stand tall and feel good about yourself.  It was really lovely meeting you, you have a real gift with people and an amazing talent in styling other

Narelle White, Mary Kay Executive Sales Manager

“What an absolutely incredible workshop we attended on Saturday. The ‘Dress for Success Workshop’ with April Nicoll was one of the BEST I have been to throughout my Mary Kay Career! April is in fact a Mary Kay Consultant herself and shared soooo many amazing relationship building ideas to help US excel our businesses forward. And that was just the FIRST session! We were then taught how to dress with structure and flow! How to embrace our body shapes and draw attention to the parts of our bodies that we love!

Yes, we had role plays, many activities but Christine & I rocked every single one of them! If you ever get the chance to attend this workshop in the future ladies, I would 100% recommend you going!

Three days later I am STILL buzzing & was telling a mum at drop off all about it this morning! It’s fun opening my current wardrobe now and working out what I am going to wear for the day! Xx PS – Oh and I forgot the AMAZING packs we got to take home too!”

Treesje Fitzpatrick, Personal Client

“You April, have changed my life forever. I never in my wildest dreams thought I was beautiful, today you showed me that, and thanks will never be enough. I owe everything to you. And my husband’s eyes popped out of his head when he saw the jade dress. Xx”

Deb Kane, Personal Client

“April, I attended your last Styling Workshop and loved it. Yesterday my sister and I hit the shops with all our new knowledge, new RAS and detailed lists. We bought clothes from stores we never tried before and didn’t let the price tag or the size tag dictate our purchases; I left the shops empowered, happy and comfortable being me just the way I am looking just how I want to be. Thanks for being the catalyst for such a huge change!”

Lisa Medhurst, Owner of Lisa’s Lacies Frankston

“What a pure joy you are April.  I could not imagine any retailer not benefiting from your expertise.  Lisa’s Lacies will definitely be re-booking you for later in the year.  My staff also benefited from you and are still talking about you.  All in all a fabulous styling night.”

Catherine Mucha, Personal Client

“As a new mum, I’d been living in maternity clothes and trackies for the past year and was sick of feeling frumpy and unhappy.  It all seemed far too hard to tackle by myself, dragging a 6 month old around the shops.  So having you come over and clarify what I was looking for and what was missing from my wardrobe was a great start.

Our shopping session was fantastic and allowed me to try lots of options I would have walked straight past on the racks.”

Dianne Ellis, Style Workshop Attendee

“Hi April, I just wanted to let you know I had a lovely time yesterday. I certainly came home with clothes I wouldn’t have even looked at in the shop. You have certainly given me a new way of looking at clothes. You are a lovely, warm, friendly person and the whole experience was “magic”! Many thanks for a wonderful afternoon.”

Tina McDonnell, Personal Client

“I camp, I chop wood, I spend my off time chasing MTB trails… NOW I SHOP!!!!! I have never spent so much time in a shopping center and walked out with sooooo much stuff… THAT LOOKED SO GOOD!

I couldn’t wait to get out of the shower to choose my first outfit for work this morning! Thank you so much April for bringing the girl back to this “anything but a girl”!!”