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This season look slimmer and younger instantly and all for the price of a coffee by purchasing April’s published chapter on ‘Mastering the Art of Illusion Dressing’ for only $4.99!

Did you know that when we dress to hide we are actually unconsciously highlighting that area and putting it on show for all to see! It’s true!  I’ve shown thousands of women ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of my styled clients and they are always amazed by the transformation of these women and how focus can be shifted from an area of concern and redirected to their greatest attributes with the change of an outfit.

I can’t physically change the shape you’ve been given, but I can give you the tools to change perception so that people (including yourself) focus on your ‘best bits’.  You see, the secret to looking slimmer, taller, curvier….whatever it is you’re going for, is by utilising illusion dressing.

This 20 page EBook will walk you through step by step on how to identify your attributes and retrain your focus so that you successfully dress for your shape.  In this book you will find plenty of words of wisdom as well as over 10 insightful charts and 20 visual examples aimed at giving you the tools to utilise illusion dressing by selecting the right garments, cuts, lengths and styles of clothing that will best suit YOUR shape.  

I address some of the most common areas of concern for women including height, arms, stomach, bottom, hips, shoulders and bust, whilst giving you simple and easy to implement tips you can use straight away. Whether you want to look taller or slimmer, minimise curvy hips or create some, detract attention from your stomach or increase or decrease your bust size ….discover it all PLUS MORE in my EBook ‘Mastering the Art of Illusion Dressing’!