Personal Styling

“Achieving personal style success is about feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear, so that you give the best of yourself to the world.”

– April Nicoll

Achieving Style Confidence Has Never Been So Easy

Style starts with the clothing you choose to wear, but then extends past your wardrobe and into your physiology, affecting how you hold yourself and demonstrating what you value and how you value yourself.

April is passionate about helping you to look and feel incredible in your own style no matter what your shape, size or budget.  With years of experience working one on one with hundreds of women, April has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of personal styling that ensure that your style experience will be one that you enjoy, cherish and remember for years to come.

your full day style experience awaits


Are you unsure of what your style is and need direction?



This is the first step of your style experience where we’ll spend time chatting about how to achieve your desired style, any challenges you are facing with your current style and the steps to overcoming these. You’ll discover what your actual style is and how to achieve that look. You’ll also be given strategies to help you create an effortless and sustainable style that suits your budget and lifestyle.


  • What your actual style is and how to achieve your desired look
  • How to overcome your biggest challenges when it comes to your style
  • The strategies to put in place to create an effortless and sustainable style that suits your budget and lifestyle

Wardrobe Review

Do you have a wardrobe full of overwhelming clutter and option but still feel you have nothing to wear? 



Learn to maximise your options with your own personalised wardrobe review. Together we’ll sort through the entirety of your wardrobe to identify the pieces that are working for you from those that just don’t cut it anymore. This will leave you with a wardrobe full of pieces that suit you in terms of colour, fit and style.


  • “Why” some garments work for you and “why” some don’t
  • What items to keep and what items remove from you wardrobe and why
  • What essential items are needed to complete your wardrobe to give you effortless mix and match ability
  • To identify the missing gaps in your wardrobe and what stores to find these in
  • How to organise your wardrobe to enable you to create stylish outfits with ease

Shopping Session

Would you love to stop aimlessly wandering and buying more of the same when shopping?



No matter what your budget your fun and insightful shopping experience will have you discovering successful shopping strategies that will have you knowing how to shop, what to look for and where to go in order to find the items that suit your shape and desired style.  You’ll learn to look great whilst saving yourself time, effort, money and stress.


  • How to shop strategically and make smart purchases
  • Where to shop for garments that fill your wardrobe gaps
  • How to buy key pieces that compliment your existing wardrobe
  • How to create new looks that work for your body shape, lifestyle and budget

Mix & Match Look Book

Would you love to learn to create stylish outfits effortlessly with what you already own?



Learn how to maximise your outfit options by mixing and matching your existing wardrobe.  You’ll be taught how to get the most out of your wardrobe to create styled outfits that are perfectly flattering and relevant to you and your lifestyle.  A digital look book of all your outfit options will be yours to keep to remind you of all your new looks. Perfect as an ‘add on’ to other style experiences or for anyone with lots of clothes already who is looking to learn how to co-ordinate them!


  • How to mix and match the clothes you have to create new outfits
  • What colours work together and why
  • How to maximise your outfit options so you won’t be wearing the ‘same old same old’

For a copy of April’s styling package, including pricing and inclusions, please get in touch with April here.

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